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It’s No Secret

Recognizing that God is the creator of everything is the first step to understanding James Patrick Watson’s book It’s No Secret, that much is self-evident. He believes that there is a hunger for a deeper spiritual walk, as people seek more meaning to their lives. It is one of the main reasons that Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret” was as popular as it was. People want to believe in something spiritual and meaningful. The way it was presented in “The Secret” suggested this belief was to be found within themselves. In the search for greater spirituality and meaning, people have been sidetracked into many things that civilization has to offer–yet the spiritual hunger and the malaise it causes remains.

In order for the Law of Attraction to work, the individual has to believe in himself. By knowing that one can do all things through Christ, Watson’s readers learn that believing in themselves is closely connected to spirituality and meaning in being faithful to God. It is the question of whether individuality in the humanist sense can be reconciled with believing in divine intervention and fate that makes It’s No Secret a very relevant work for today. It is the answer to the question, and that makes Watson’s work truly original. Though previous Christian writers have touched on the Law of Attraction, no one has quite formulated it specifically the way Watson has–belief in oneself is predicated on the fact that one is grateful for the gift of self, one that comes from God, and that all blessings gravitate naturally to those who understand this and make it work in their lives.